How The Force Awakens Has Captured Our Souls

The Force Awakens is a heart crushing, eye opening, and overall amazing movie. Even though it got some mixed signals as the trailer was released, The Force Awakens did not back down or disappoint. It brings a wide aray of your favorites from the original movies and brings in fresh blood and characters that quickly become a part of your Star Wars soul.  The movie instantly caught my heart with the bold humanity in Finn, a stormtrooper. The way that he after leaving the First Order stood up to the troop leader and said that his name is Finn on Tokadana, he is not just some number shooting a gun.


When watching the film for the seventh time I still get hopeful as Han Solo tries to save his son from the darkness, Harrison Ford played that part so well. I still get shivers watching as my beloved Han Solo steps onto the bridge opposite of Kylo Ren and begs his one and only son to come home to him. Begging his son, to see that there is still light in him, that he can fight the darkness. Seeing the composition of Ren’s face drop and giving yourself into the possibility of the happy family reunited, then feeling your heart absolutely die as Ren takes his father’s life. The scream of Chewbacca ringing in your ears, the pain on Leia’s face a permanent image in your mind. The fact that even after me breaking down each and every aspect of the film for me to write this review, that scene and most of the scenes still make me take a step back, and leave me heartbroken.


And then there is Rey, oh how she has taken my heart captive. Daisy Ridley plays a lost orphan that possesses the force. She takes on one topsy turvy emotional roller coaster, as we see her stumble in finding who she is, and who she wants to be. It is amazing to see a strong kick but girl come out of Star Wars. She cared so deeply and she fought so bravely not for herself but for her friends, some she has only know for a couple days. All the characters were impressively well rounded and relatable, captivating our hearts at every turn and carrying them through this adrenaline rush of a movie.


Despite The Force Awakens coming out in 2015 in my mind I see it as one of 2016’s films and in a year that dozens of redos of old films or new sequels/ prequels have come out it is hard for one to stand out. The Force Awakens had no trouble with that, Director J.J. Abrams brought us one absolutely heart wrenching film. He seamlessly sewed together the original and beloved characters with fresh blood and abundance of new characters that stole our hearts. The movie did get a lot of skeptical press after the original trailer was released because of people not believing that it could ever be as good as the original movies. I do believe that he crushed all those thoughts. The film was personal, relatable, and grabbed the hearts of Star Wars fans young and old. It showed so much humanity in the hero like characters that we already know and love. Bringing new life to Star Wars fandoms and giving us hope for the future of Star Wars.

-Isabel Leggett (#legit)

isabel leggett akins geek force

Isabel is a junior at Akins High School in Austin, Texas. She is a first year member of Geek Force and loves all things from Star Wars to Once Upon a Time

Feel free to leave feedback here for her or tweet @akinsgeekforce and use the #legit for feedback on her first ever written piece for Geek Force


Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Trip

We are almost at our very first club movie trip. We will be going to the Cinemark South Park Meadows to see the last installment of the Hunger Games series. Club members are not required to go on this movie trip but they are welcome to.

hunger games

Permission forms will be available in Coach Delgado’s room 131 beginning on Thursday November 18th. Come by and pick one up. This must be signed by the student and the parent or legal guardian. A phone number for the parent or legal guardian must also be included.

Permission forms are due back to Coach Delgado by Monday November 23rd.

Details of the movie trip and how it works:

  • Student is responsible for the cost of a movie ticket
  • We are seeing this movie on a Tuesday which means tickets are only $5
  • Friends and Family are allowed to attend with the student
  • Student is responsible for their transportation to the theater and home from the theater
  • Coach Delgado will be at the theater 45 min. prior to movie start time
  • You must be at the theater 15 min. prior to show time, at the 15 min we will go sit down and you will have to find us
  • if you are not on remind 101 for the club please join so that you can get updates, if you need instructions please see Coach Delgado
  • your parents will be give the run time of the film on the permission form and they must be there to pick you up when the movie is out


Tuesday November 24th

Cinemark South Park Meadows

Movie Time: 6:05pm

Arrival Time: 5:50pm at the latest Coach Delgado will be at the theater at 5:30pm

Tickets: $5

Film Run Time: 136 min

Pick up Time: 8:25pm

If you have any questions email Coach Delgado


Geek Force Meeting Schedule


We meet every single week! To be an active member you must attend 2 meetings a month. Here is the schedule of meetings and activities for the upcoming weeks.

We are currently working our way through Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels that airs on Disney XD. We will continue this with intense discussion as well as blog write ups.

October 30th:

Star Wars Rebels Episodes

  • Out of Darkness
  • Empire Day

Character Association discussions

October 7th:

Star Wars Rebels Episodes

  • Gathering Forces
  • Path of a Jedi

Jedi Order and the concept of Jedi discussion

October 14th:

Star Wars Rebels Episodes

  • Idiots Array
  • Vision of Hope

Creating a message to Zeb or Steve Blum

October 21:

Star Wars Rebels Episodes

  • Call to Action
  • Rebel Resolve

What does it mean to be a rebel discussion

October 28th:

Star Wars Rebels Season Finale

  • Fire across the Galaxy

End of Season club discussion recorded for YOUTUBE!

November 4th: This will be a long meeting 4:30pm to 6:00pm

  • Season 2 premiere and the official 2nd episode of the season

November 11th: Student Holiday

November 18th:

What are we thankful for in Geek Culture discussion

Table top gaming begins!!!


Why We Love Star Wars! Questions Needed


The school year has begun and the students are anxious to get started with writing this blog and making it their own. To start we want to explore why they love Star Wars and Geek culture. With that we are reaching out to the geek community to give them students questions they can answer about their Star Wars fandom and their other fandoms in general. Do you have a good question to ask a group of high school kids that are starting their path in geekdom? Well we want your questions! Here is how you can ask the kids your burning questions:

Tweet to @AkinsGeekForce

Comment on this post with your questions.

The kids love getting tweets so just send a tweet their way and you will get an answer. These kids love Star Wars but they also love everything else in Geek Culture so feel free to ask them about anything.  As Yoda says, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” and these kids really do have wonderful and brilliant minds.

We Have A Logo & It Is Strong With Us!

Thanks to a very dear friend of the club’s sponsor the club now has an official logo. We would be lying if we didn’t say that we think it is the best logo on campus.

Welcome to…

Geek Force Logo dark-01

Thanks to the lovely Star Wars fangirl, blogger and podcaster Sarah Woloski (@jeditink on twitter and instagram) for the amazing logo.

1st Geek Force Club Meeting of the 2015-2016 School Year

akins logo website

The very first Geek Force meeting is fast approaching! This Wednesday September 2nd at 4:30pm in room 131 will be the very first meeting of the year. All club members and new club members need to be at this meeting. We will be discussing what the club is all about our goals for the year and we will begin to plan our Movie Release Fridays as well as the meeting Schedule for the year.

If you are geeky and love being around people you can talk about your passions with then this is the place for you.

Join us this Wednesday.

Welcome To Akins Geek Force

My name is Coach Teresa Delgado and I am the sponsor for Geek Force. This club was started for many reasons but the primary reason was to provide a place for students to feel safe to express their geek passions. The culture today is different than it used to be when I was in high school, yet so much is still the same.


Kids walk the halls of school and they see cliques and no matter how hard they try they still get labeled as a certain kind of kid whether it be by teachers, administrators and even their peers. In today’s schools kids walk in many different shoes, the band kid can also be the star athlete. The cheerleader can also be the best at graphic design. This is great because it shows that kids have many different groups they belong to and sides to their personalities that they like to show. One of the main purposes of Geek Force is to give kids a place where they can come and express their love for Geek Culture with other like minded classmates.

Geek Force is more than just a place to talk about things like Star Wars and Harry Potter. It is a place for kids to build relationships, communicate and work on things like writing skills, public speaking and even interpersonal skills. Through the atmosphere this club provides there is room for kids to excel in all aspects of their education and transfer what we do in the club back into the classroom.

I am proud to bring my knowledge, love and passion for geek culture to Akins High School and can not wait to share that with the Geek Force students. I am also looking forward to learning about what geek passions our kids have and to share in that with them.

May the force be with you always!

Coach Delgado